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3D Scorpion Metal Puzzle Colorful Model Kit for Gifts and Decoration

3D Scorpion Metal Puzzle Colorful Model Kit for Gifts and Decoration

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  • Design of this metal model kits: The most distinctive features of scorpions are their pair of oversized claws, their long, slender tails that often curve around the scorpion's back, and the stinger at the end of the tail, which is used to inject venom.
  • Scorpions are highly effective predators due to the unique combination of characteristics that allow them to locate prey (with their eyes), move swiftly and dexterously over any terrain in pursuit of prey (with their four pairs of clawed legs), and then catch and hold prey (with their pedipalps and chelae) while injecting venom into the prey (with their telson) to immobilize or kill it. How Much Do You Know About Scorpions?
  • Suitable for people with patience and hands-on ability, the model kit is able to exercise children's hands & brains as well as spatial imagination, evoking immersive fun during the assembly.
  • The assembled product measures 16*14*14cm, making a fantastic desk decor and a surprising gift for family, friends and children as well as providing wonderful leisure time between parents and children.
  • Specifications:

    .Material: Stianless Steel
    .Product Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 14cm
    .Product Weight: 320g
    .Package Dimensions: 18 x 16 x 16cm
    .Package Weight: 450g
    .Paking: Box


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