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Ultrasonic Dog Barking Control Device

Ultrasonic Dog Barking Control Device

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"How wonderful wouldn't it be if your furry friend didn't always bark...šŸ¶"

We love ourĀ furry friends more than anything else, but even so, it can sometimes get frustrating when they bark as soon as someone knocks on the door, meets another dog, or sometimes for no reason at all, right?

Excessive barking is how our furry friends communicate with us mainly when they feelĀ insecurity, fear, frustration, or boredom.Ā Being able to teach our dogs that it is okay not to always bark in certain situations is something that makes your four-legged friend feel moreĀ safe & secure.

With Barkpupā„¢Ā your dog is automatically trained daily toĀ stop barking, and of course, you're thinking.. how is this possible and is it dangerous?

It isĀ completely harmlessĀ for both you and your dog! Using the latestĀ anti-barking technology. Barkpupā„¢Ā sends out aĀ completely harmless & safeĀ ultrasound that only your dog hears as soon as it barks. Then when your furry friend stops barking, it turns off. In this way, your four-legged friend learnsĀ not to barkĀ at everything that happens around him.

Can it harm any of my other animals such as cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc?

No, it doesn't, the sound of Barkpupā„¢Ā is not strong enough to harm any animal at all.

Ā Key Features!ā­

šŸ’ Ā Automatic bark detection
Barkpupā„¢ will automatically detect the tone of your dog's bark & will be active while your dog barks once barking halts the device will switch off.

šŸ’ Ā Anti Barking
Easy solution for the deterrence of your pet or neighbors' nuisance barking.

šŸ’ Ā Rechargeable
Barkpupā„¢ is completely wireless and can be used wherever best suits. Please charge for 5 hours before using.

šŸ’ Ā Durable & waterproof
IPX4 is waterproof and resistant with easy installation solutions. Can be hung anywhere in the house or even outdoors on a tree, wall, etc.

šŸ’ Ā 3 Levels of intensity
Multiple levels of intensity to suit all breeds & sizes. Low, mid & high frequencies depending on the situation.

šŸ’ Ā High Frequency
Barkpupā„¢ emits a high-frequency sound when your dog barks & then immediately turns off when your dog stops barking. This sound is nothing humans can hear and it isn't strong enough to hurt you or your dog's ears.

Don't buy an electric dog collaršŸ—‘ļø

TheĀ electric shockĀ from electric dog collars can causeĀ psychological distressĀ for your dog, includingĀ phobias and high levels of stress. Eventually, this can lead toĀ unhealthy increases in heart rate and of course we don't want that. This is why Barkpupā„¢ is a much better option forĀ your dog's health.

How many dogs can I use a Barkpupā„¢ on at the same time?

We recommend one Barkpup per dog due to the intensity should be set differently depending on the sizes of your dogs. However, if the dogs are similar in size you can try and use one Barkpup for both dogs. Barkpup is completely harmless and won't cause any harm to any of your dogs.

The Barkpup is a versatile device that can be used in any home (i.e. house, apartment, yard, kennel). Each device has a large range which typically reaches all corners of a large living area.

Despite this, many customers choose to purchase 2+ devices in order to cover their outdoor yard area in addition to their home. Outside barking is a major issue for dog owners, as noisy dogs annoy neighbors and can lead to complaints being filed against you.


- Size: 11.5cm*5.5cm*9cm (4.53inch*1.97inch*3.54inch)

- Material: ABS

What's included?

- Barkpupā„¢ device

- Screw Pack

- USB Cable

- Manual


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