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Tire-wheel dedicated Refurbishing agent

Tire-wheel dedicated Refurbishing agent

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1. It features excellent water repellent effect. Water droplets instantly flow away thanks to the water repellent and self cleaning performance after the coating.
2. It also features excellent dirt removal effect, so that it effectively prevents the dust and keeps the car paint clean after the coating.
3. It is very smooth. Car paint surface is not easy to attach dust after you coat, so that the car paint surface as bright as new.
4.Coating effect maintaining time: about 3 months
5.Ingredients: Polysilicon, Fluorosilane, Fluorine Polymer 
Capacity: 50ml
Wax coat dosage for a car: about 40ml
Size: 12*5*2cm
Package weight:95g
Instructions for use: 
1. Clean the car and wait for the car body to dry.
2. Spray the coating wax onto the car paint and immediately wipe it evenly with a circular motion until the car paint is bright.
3. Car body coating sequence: front cover - roof - rear cover - rear door - front bumper - rear bumper
4. Wait for 3 minutes to test its effect after the completion of the coating.
5. Check whether there are omissions.
1*50ml wax coat 


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