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Pore Terminator Cleansing Foam (Original Chinese)

Pore Terminator Cleansing Foam (Original Chinese)

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Product Name: ROREC Mud Pores Clean Cleanser
Net: 100g
Efficiency: Bubble is exquisite, show the adsorption capacity of the volcanic mud, to the skin soft and refreshing cleansing experience
Shelf Life: 3 years
Mud Pores Clean Cleanser
Clean the face skin, comfortable and refreshing
Provide the skin water, help to improve the dry skin
Contains volcanic mud, gentle and refresh texture
Contains volcanic mud, clean the oil and dirt on the surface of the skin
Gentle Cleansing,Nourishing& Moisturizing,Shiny Glossy,Gentle Care
Using Method:
Morning and evening facial cleaning, shake thoroughly conducted under the condition of dry Extrusion daub is on the face with the hand, massage whole face after about 5 minutes Rinse with warm water.


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