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Memory Foam Hip Alignment Smart Leg Pillow

Memory Foam Hip Alignment Smart Leg Pillow

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  • More than 1/3 of adults mention lower backache and agony has damaged their capacity to engage in everyday tasks
  • Men (31 percent) are more likely than women (20 percent) to report that low back pain disturbs their capabilities to work
  • Fixing sleep positioning with a knee pillow equaled to healing 60% of the sufferers reporting to physical therapists and chiropractors about back and hip problems
  • 80% of the population worldwide that attend Physical Therapy or a Chiropractors, is due to back pain, agony, and issues
  • Posture is the main cause for back pain. Sleeping, sitting and standing posture is key for relief and alleviation
  • APTA announced that 2/3 of Americans endure and experience back pain, but do not look for medical attention

The SleepWell™ Memory Foam Hip Alignment Leg Pillow is created to give an excellent spinal adjustment to aid in decreasing lower back, leg, hip, ankle, or joint pain.

This delicately designed knee pillow can be used to place between the legs to keep your legs, hips, and spine parallel and aligned, helping to boost circulation and relieve stress on those areas, allowing you to feel healthy, refreshed and new every day.

The combo of memory foam top layer and the highly buoyant base foam provides you the gains and assistance you need: it feels fluffy, soft and comfortable, and at the same time holds its shape well for its designed purpose.


  • Simple and effortless to clean, breathable cover
  • Gives Sciatica, back & hip pain relief at night
  • Alleviates sciatica pain and stress on the lower back
  • Superior high-density memory foam
  • Made from 100% best quality dependable cut memory foam
  • The Ergonomic contoured design saves your legs, hip and spine in optimal adjustment while sleeping
  • Relieve aches on those areas and bolsters and boosts circulation
  • Aids to keep your legs, hips, and spine parallel and aligned
  • Memory foam on top of a highly resilient base foam gives increased contentment and relief
  • Fully Guaranteed.


  • 1 x SleepWellness™ Memory Foam Hip Alignment Leg Pillow


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