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League Length Pad by PJF Performance

League Length Pad by PJF Performance

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Our adjustable blocking arm gives defenders anywhere from 12” to 32” extra inches on their standing reach when wearing the pads, or up to 50”+ inches of additional length when using the handheld option.

Practicing against realistic length transforms our players' scoring, passing and ball handling in a way that directly translates to in-game performance!

The other unique advantage to training with the League Length Pads is the physicality aspect. Our arm pad allows defenders to bump players, forcing them to play through contact and develop their ability to handle physical defenders.

Our NBA clients love training with the League Length Pads to get a realistic bump with a realistic contest!

Our youth athletes also benefit tremendously by learning how to play against taller and stronger kids. Give the pads to a friend, sibling or parent and make your drills game-realistic!

Another huge advantage to this product is the light weight design. We want defenders to be able to move freely without being weighed down. The league Length Pads weigh LESS than 1.5 pounds.

This product has been pre-ordered by numerous NBA organizations and Division 1


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