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Infra Kneepad Magnetic

Infra Kneepad Magnetic

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Our Tourmaline Magnetic Therapy Orthopedic Knee Support Belts are natural products.The magnets in the belt interact with the body's natural warmth to increase blood flow to the damaged area and start the healing process. Every person has different sensitivity levels and different parts of the body may react to the magnets differently. Thus the effectiveness may differ from person to person. Please wear the belts as long as you are comfortable in a relaxed state. Suggested use time is for a minimum of 20 MINUTES for the warming effect to start. Wear it every day and the belt will slowly conform to your knee shape to provide more support and pain relief. Wearing it daily will help improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, and clear the meridians by self-warming and providing relief from pain and fatigue. These knee pads can be used for osteoarthritis in the knee, sports injuries, bruises, edema and rheumatic diseases.The belt has good elasticity, comfortable fit and changeless form over time. Easy to use and discreet. The outer layer comprises of an ultra soft self-adhesive cloth, easy to take on/off.

Belt size: 28 inches long.

How to wear:
Step 1. Please relax your knee.
Step 2. Slowly tighten and fasten all the velcro straps starting with the lowest one first, then the middle and finally the top strap.
Step 3. Don't make it too tight. Ensure that you can slide two fingers under your support belt.
Step 4. Walk for a few minutes to assess your comfort.
Step 5. If your knee feels numb, loosen the straps slightly and if it is falling tighten your straps slightly.

Please Note: A few skin sensitive people may experience redness on usage which is a normal phenomenon and will not damage the skin. Just increase your wear duration slowly.

Package includes: 1 pair / 2 pcs Tourmaline Magnetic Therapy Orthopedic Knee Support Belt by JERN in a sealed polybag.


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