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Fast Growth Hair Essence

Fast Growth Hair Essence

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Quality guarantee 7 days fast hair growth Yuda pilatory stop hair loss product effective Finest Edition hair regrowth product
(Original chinese medicine ingredient, without any side effect, you can use it easily for hair loss problem)
We strongly recommend you buy 2 lots one time for the cycle usage.

Name: fast hair growth Yuda pilatory

Beautifully packaged carton
Product including:liquid 1 pc of 30ml
Recommend the use: 3 sets(will get discounts) ;Shelf life:three years
Save: in a cool dry place

Instructions for use:

1.Open the cap and attach the sprayer on the bottle firmly

2.spray directly to the place where the hair loss problems exist.It can be useddaily morning and evening.Each time apply 3-5 sprays.

3.For the best hair nourishing effect massage gently into scalp after spray.


Kind warning: as for your health, pls use it normally and with carefulness, any questions feel free to contact us, our products are 100% original from the official supplier.



Product Composition:

Wild natural yew , ginkgo, fleece-flower root , astragalus , ginseng, Oriental Arborvitae , Dodder , velvet, Eclipta, white moss skin , Chuanxiong , Salvia, Tianma, Speranskia, Angelica sinensis , Ganoderma lucidum . Forty-six kinds of herbs brewed after forty-nine days .
How to use:

a. first with the right amount of salt or oil shampoo shampoo , shampoo, hair tonic directly applied to the hair loss will place a few minutes and then massage until absorbed , within 3 hours after use Do not wash your hair, at least in the scalp hair growth fluid retention three hours .

b. Dosage: Recommended 2-3 times / day ,1-2ml / times. Germinal fluid after use in a cool , dry place.

For seborrheic alopecia , androgenic alopecia , alopecia areata, physical alopecia , chemical alopecia , female postpartum alopecia, female menopause alopecia, head mites and head blood circulation , blocked hair follicles , hair roots malnutrition, with excessive hair loss caused by a variety of brain .
Preservation methods:

This product will be placed thermostat 20 degrees in the shade. Shelf life is 3 years.


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