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Anti Wrinkle-Reusable Silicone Care Neck Pad

Anti Wrinkle-Reusable Silicone Care Neck Pad

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1 Neck Pad Can be used normally 30 times. 

1 Neck Pad see the effect clearly / 3 Neck Pad basically fully recovered.

Silicone Care Neck Pad is a medical grade tape that allows you to decrease the appearance of wrinkles on your neck by gently and discreetly tightening the skin to create a more youthful appearance

Our face and neck are constantly in motion. Especially at night, we often adopt sleeping positions which form visible wrinkles on the neck. With increasing age, the skin loses its elasticity and moisture. The Silicone Care Neck Pad offers the solution with a great result! Existing wrinkles smooth out and the appearance of new ones will be prevented. 


    • Perfectly designed for your neck and its intended to last a long time
    • Extra-thin silicone material, it gives you highest comfort and is very mild on skin
    • Easy to clean and Reusable
    • The durability is guaranteed for several weeks depending on the application behavior and frequency
    • Made of 100 % medical grade silicone - Made in Germany
    • Dermatologically tested with an "excellent" skin tolerance result
    • High quality and durable
    • Significant lifting effect

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      • Reusable Silicone Care Neck Pad (1 PCs)


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